About our Concert Tour

The longest  Surreal Players’ tour is over!!!

Stay tuned for the vlog!

The Polish-American tour which promoted our album ‘Ideogram’ released in October 2019 was initially planned for spring 2020. However, due to well-known circumstances it has been postponed to autumn 2020.

In autumn 2020 we played 4 concerts, accompanied by uncertainty, dread and the 3rd covid wave. The 5th concert in Blue Note Poznań was postponed… 4 times. We finally played it, September 16th, meaning a week ago and a year and a half after the tour started.

In the meantime, we participated in various programmes, we shot online concerts for Instytut Adama Mickiewicza and The Kościuszko Foundation, we were awarded KBF scholarships, and now we are working on a new project and making new plans for the future. We keep going, because after numerous touring experiences during the pandemic we can only come back stronger!

A big thank you to everybody who supported us. Thank you to all the organisers, patrons, cultural institutions and all the incredible people we met during the tour.

Await a vlog from our trip to Poznań!  

Surreal Players, Czerwony Fortepian, Kielce
Surreal Players, Blue Note Poznań Jazz Club
Surreal Players, Keja, Łódź
Surreal Players, Piwnica Pod Baranami, Kraków
Surreal Players

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